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MGFPD 5 Year modernization plan

Revised 5 year plan (docx)


Old Man Winter is here! Remember to Dig Out the Hydrant


Do you know where the closest fire hydrant to your house is?  MGFPD puts tall flags on them so they're easy to find in buried snow.  Precious minutes can be saved if you take the time to dig out your hydrant.  If your neighbor has already done it, thank them - you have a great neighbor.  If the hydrant by your house doesn't have a flag, contact us.

If Your Home Was Built Before 2009, it's Probably Time for New Detectors


Change your carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke alarm batteries twice a year and test your system regularly.  Many detectors expire after 10 years - some sooner!  How old are yours?  The date of manufacture is usually printed on the back.  CO and smoke detectors are the cheapest life insurance you can buy.

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The Mountain Green Fire Protection District is a volunteer fire department located in Mountain Green, Utah.