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MGFPD firefighter M. Benson patrols for hot spots during the suppression of a March 2017 brush fire.

CHIPPER DAYS: May 4 - 18

What Are Chipper Days?   From Saturday, May 4th thru Saturday, May 18th residents of Mountain Green that have vegetation they need to dispose may drag it to the road and the chipper crew will chip it into mulch and haul it away for FREE

  • All limbs must be cut to no more than 4 foot lengths and stacked with the butt (large) end 90 degrees to the road.  The stack must be within 5 feet of the road.

  •  All limbs must be 8 inches or less in diameter.  

  • For their protection, please keep chipper stacks 15 feet from living trees.

  • Stacked rows should be no more than 4 feet high and one row deep.

  • Natural vegetation only - no rocks, roots, metal, dirt, lumber, trash, or construction material.

  • May 18th is the last time materials will be collected, have your materials stacked early.

Keep Chipping Free!  The Mountain Green Fire Protection District, in cooperation with Utah State Division of Natural Resources and Morgan County, has secured a grant to help chip and dispose of yard debris and vegetation that you remove from around your property in order to lower the severity of Wildland Fires. Please use the link below to an online form and report the work you complete.  Your labor report is what keeps this service free.  The state recognizes, through these reports, the value of providing the chipping service here in Mountain Green

You must log your participation for your materials to be collected. Please use the link below:


MGFPD 5 Year modernization plan

Revised 5 year plan (docx)


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The Mountain Green Fire Protection District is a volunteer fire department located in Mountain Green, Utah.